The lounge is named after a beloved Cincinnati entertainer, Tillie the elephant. Tillie was the most famous of many exotic animals in John Robinson’s Circus which traveled the country and paraded the streets of Northside in the early 20th century. In 1932, the Enquirer’s front page news lauded her for a career “marked with records of heroic deeds, service to humanity and outstanding achievements in her role as an entertainer…”

Tillie’s Lounge, with designs by Dwellings on Madison, has a predicted date for its grand opening: February 2015, with a series of soft openings beginning mid to late December.

In the heart of Northside, you’ll find Tillie’s located at 4042 Hamilton Ave. Originally built in 1881 as Droege Shoes, the building remained a Cobbler for over 77 years. Tillie’s will feature specialty sparkling champagne cocktails named after Northside nostalgia including: The Cobbler’s Cocktail named after the origins of the building itself, and The Walk-Over, named after a thrilling act performed by Tillie and her trainer. The lounge will offer a full bar, craft beers, and a wide selection of wine.

Tillie Photo 1 Tillie performing the walkover trick




Tillie Photo 3John Robertson and his brothers






20150705_181127Details from a Cincinnati Enquirer news paper story 1972




20150705_181138The winter home for the circus in Terrance Park




20150705_181134Tillie’s Funereal




20150705_181148Tillie’s head stone




20150705_181152Tillie’s details




History junctionThe location of Tillie’s Lounge  when it was a cobblers. If you look closely on the left side just above the front of the bus you can see the sign in the shape of a boot. Fixtures are still in place, but not the sign : (




Hamilton floodThe flood in 1932 from almost the same location as above






20141019_154533The bar prior to Tillie’s Lounge in October 2014







20151128_133136The bar Christmas 2015